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Looking for unique items, gifts, business promotional items or just something personalized? Laser engraving and etching is the answer. Many of our clients come to us with only a vague idea of what they want to accomplish with a given project. Once they realize the potential of what can be done with Laser Engraving, and the detail and quality that can be obtained, a whole new realm of possibilities opens up for them. 

Engraving or Etching with a laser ablates the material, leaving behind a permanent mark. This is the method most favored by those seeking personalized gifts and items, as well as promotional products. 
Examples of prior projects completed are:
  • Wooden Desk Clocks which are engraved with sayings for special occasions and appreciation gifts.
  • Pictures of loved ones engraved directly on wood or leather. Recently we completed a project engraving a lid for a homemade urn which turned out beautifully.
  • Granite memorial plaques for either loved ones or beloved pets. Bring us a clear picture and we can forever memorialize them for you. 
  • Granite or Bamboo Coasters make wonderful personalized gifts for weddings, anniversaries or any other special occasion.
  • Glass looks wonderful with a frosted saying on it. Engrave on your favorite wine bottle and glasses and make it a set!
  • What about having a personalized plaque made for showing your appreciation to others? We engrave on many two tone metals to be used for accent pieces on picture frames, trophies, even the back of motorcycle seats
  • Name plates make any working space look more professional. Ask us about either wall mounted or desk name plates.
  • One of our more successful and rewarding projects was helping a local school design and create achievement awards for their students. Using acrylic, we cut and engraved key fobs for the kids to earn for academic excellence!
Many times our cutting services are utilized in conjunction with one of our other services. Combined engraving with cutting is an efficient method for creating individualized products at a lower cost. Using precision cutting when working on your leather projects can take the inaccuracies out of the cutting procedures.
Some examples of what precision cutting can do for you are:
  • Leather Pool Table Corners customized with your favorite ball, crossed cue sticks, initials, ect.
  • Leather, Wood or Acrylic Key Chains for a special occasion or for a business promotion. 
  • Leather Bracelets or Watchbands with special sayings, images or initials.  
  • Leather Book and Bible Covers engraved with your name, image and/or church. 
  • Leather Holsters with intricate patters pre-embossed.
  • Intricately carved Wooden Items for modelers or train model enthusiasts.
  • Creating Delrin stamps with whatever you want- including your business logo.
  • Filigree paper for weddings and baby showers.